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August 31, 2001

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  Welcome to the Strange Mario Bros 2 section! Here, of course, you'll find everything about Strange Mario Bros 2, which is a hack of Super Mario Bros 2.
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Strange Mario Bros 2

Current progress:

7 / 20
(each level counts for 1, and there are 20 levels)
Levels up to 3-1 are done.

70 / 210
(each area counts for 1, and there's a maximum of 210 areas)
It probably won't go up to 210, but probably just near. In the original SMB2, only 114 areas were used.

    Graphics (tiles)
3657 / 8192
(each 8x8 tile counts for 1, and there's 8192 ... some more has been added as well, not counted above)
It probably won't even get close to 100%, and there are a few unused tiles in the game, but it gives an idea of how much the graphics have been changed.
Latest news: (08-31-01)
Oh wow, it's been over a year ... but after such a long time without updates (during most of which I wasn't working on the hack either), I finally got around to finish 3-1! Yeah, just one more level ... but with it you get the new World 3 graphics (which aren't the same as World 1's unlike in the original ... the ROM is 8k bigger!), and I also changed the life bar at the top-left ...

Well, finally an update, but not a new level (in fact, World 3 isn't even started yet). I did a new level title card / pause screen, and I think it looks really nice (it's more colorful at least). I fixed two bugs that occured in the previous release, as well. Characters were acting weird in quicksand, and enemies got messed up in an area in 1-2. This is all fixed now. I also changed the graphics of one more enemy ...

2-3 is done ... which completes World 2! There aren't so many surprises this time, but you'll have to solve a puzzle (well, sort of) to get one of the mushrooms. The Tryclyde room isn't easy, either, but depending on how you play, it can be either very hard, or a little easy (I've been able to beat Tryclyde without getting hit, but I died many times too). I made a few small changes back to some of the previous levels, mostly to fix problems. There aren't many new graphic changes this time.

2-2 is done. It's a little harder (and maybe also longer) than 2-1, but you'll see a few more unexpected (or just unusual) things, like I made the stopwatches and turtle shells useful (for once). One hint: I used an enemy from World 4, but without glitches! Try to guess which ... Also, I made several new graphic changes, but many of them are because I switched two colors in the character's graphics (so they look better when they flash). I did make a few (very) small changes to Mario and Luigi, though.

It's been a while, isn't it? It takes me a very long time to do a level, but at least I do it very well. Anyway, 2-1 is finally done, and it's harder than the levels in World 1. There has been many new graphic changes as well since the latest release.

1-3 is done, and World 1 is now completed! The Bonus Chance screen has been changed, as well.

1-2 is done, and there are a few more new graphics! You'll get to see the new Character Select screen as well ...

First release of Strange Mario Bros 2! Hey, have some fun playing the new 1-1 ...
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