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Screenshots from Strange Mario Bros 3
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New title screen.

New world 1 map.

New beginning of 1-1

This was an underground level ... not anymore!

It's already a little harder than before.

This platform road is a bit ... unusual.

New text and graphics here as well ...

It looks pretty different with the new graphics and colors.

The secret whistle is still there somewhere, but the way to it has changed.

This is now an underground level.

The Pirahna's spike ball appears as wrenches. It's a glitch, but it doesn't really bother, as it's almost unnoticeable. The Pirahna just seems to have wrenches instead of his ball.

Two Goombas coming out of the pipe together!

A frog suit, here?

Now THIS is a coin heaven. It just looks like a dream, doesn't it? Beware of the hammer brother though, or the dream could become a nightmare!

Another weird platform road.

A power ball!

Ah, this place is now full of cannons. It's also much harder than the previous levels.

Just a little farther in the level ... avoid the cannon bullets! Easier said than done.

New world 2 map. It's not a desert world anymore! It's more like a grass-jungle land now.

A waterfall ...

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