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Screenshots from Strange Mario World
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Made by me ... of course

I've done a signifiant amount of changes there, while also altering the action on the intro scene!

No more of that small lonely place!

Oh my, what has happened to Yoshi's house?!

Bowser is at it again ...

Here we go! Mario starts going through the first level.

Levels are quite a lot different from the original.

Whole new bigger bonus cave ...

What's up there?

Don't expect things to be so much easy.

This star is there for a reason ...

Not an easy ride around the switch palace.

Don't those things look a bit familiar?

Hungry munchers ...

Yellow Switch, here I come!

New colors in the overworld map.

Watch out for the shell!

Good thing I went to the switch palace ...

Lots of enemies running around Mario!

More of them!

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