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ROM Hacks

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     Click here to go to the Super Mario Bros "other hacks" page.

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     Click here to go to the Super Mario Bros 3 "other hacks" page.

    They're not part of the site, this is just links to the emulators (stored in Zophar's Domain). You can get more of them at Zophar's Domain (NES Emulators page). Here, you will only find NES emulators, because my site only has NES ROM hacks and you will only need a NES emulator to run them.

     NESticle x.xx -- (195802 bytes) -- runs in MS-DOS
    My favorite NES emulator. It's fast, the emulation is near-perfect, and most games run perfectly. It has Game Genie support, features NES movie recording (NSM files), and much more, including some helpful small tools for hacking!

     FWNes 0.302 -- (886875 bytes) -- runs in MS-DOS
    Another very good emulator! This one is much slower, can't do everything featured in NESticle, but can edit NES memory (to cheat or make some other fun things). It can run FDS (Famicom Disk System) games, the emulation is also near-perfect, and most of the games can run on it.

     LoopyNES 10/18/99 beta -- (56048 bytes) -- runs in MS-DOS
    This one doesn't have many features (can't even control emulation speed, or save states), but the emulation is VERY good, even better than NESticle sometimes. You should try it if you don't need all the cool features of the other emulators, and just want to play NES games like on a real NES. It also has FDS and Game Genie support ...

I prefer DOS-based emulators, but there's also some good ones that runs on Windows ...

    I don't offer any ROMs on this site, because of legality-related things and other things like that, but if you're looking for the ROM of Super Mario Bros, Final Fantasy or Super Mario Bros 3, go at Plasticman's Emulation Zone, where you will probably find those ROMs (and many others you may want).
General hacking tools

    Here's some programs I have used to make my ROM hacks. These programs can edit graphics, or text, or just HEX values in the ROM. Once again, I have linked to some of the files on Zophar's Domain ("Translation Utilities" section), which can be found here.

     Hexposure 0.44b -- (19445 bytes) -- runs in MS-DOS
    It's the program I use to do HEX editing in the ROMs. I also use it for editing text. It's one of the best HEX editors, and its editing is not limited to ROMs (although the program has been made for ROM hacking).

     TileLayer 0.50b -- (24006 bytes) -- runs in MS-DOS
    Now that's the program I use to edit the graphics. It can edit graphics for NES, SNES, GameBoy, Sega Master, and a few other types of ROMs. It can also load two ROMs at a time, so you can copy graphics from one game to another, or put NES graphics into a SNES ROM!

     ROM Edit -- (223211 bytes) -- runs in MS-DOS
    I have never used this one, but it might be useful. With it you can use tilesets to view ROM data by using graphics (like for viewing (uncompressed) text with the game font). This also has other uses.

    Those three programs are not the only good ones, and there are many others, which you can get at the "Translation Utilities" section at Zophar's Domain (link above).
Level editors

    Those programs have also been very useful, since I needed them to make the level hacking. There are many of them, and not only for the ROMs I've hacked! Most of these programs can be found at the "Translation Utilities" section, or at the "Facelift Utilities" section (found here), at Zophar's Domain. There's many editors that I have never tried, so I can't really give comments on them ...

     MetEdit 0.91 -- (220417 bytes) -- runs in Windows 95
    This is a level editor for Metroid (NES). I'm not actually hacking Metroid, and I didn't use much the editor, but I know this is a very good editor, since I've seen a good Metroid hack made with this editor.

     YY Mario Editor 2.55e -- (85384 bytes) -- runs in Windows 95
This is the program I have used to edit levels in Super Mario Bros. You can edit almost everything, except the level order and type (like, put 1-2 before 1-1 and change 1-1 onto a water level). The homepage for this program can be found here.

     CV1Edit 1.0 -- (19434 bytes) -- runs in MS-DOS
    This program edits levels for Castlevania 1. I can't give comments on it, since I've never even played any of the Castlevania games ... but it should be a good editor anyway.

     Dragon Warrior Town Editor 3.01 -- (19434 bytes) -- runs in MS-DOS
    Wow, I like this one. With this, you can do about just everything you want, to the areas in Dragon Warrior 1. It edits the towns, but also every other place, even the overworld! You can also move the doors, chests, stairs, etc., select another music for each area, change the chests' content, etc. I might do a Dragon Warrior hack with this if I finish doing my actual hacks ... The homepage for this program can be found here.

     Final Fantasy 1 Improvement 0.02 -- (55800 bytes) -- runs in MS-DOS
    With this, you can edit the overworld and towns in Final Fantasy 1. Other areas of the game (castles, caves, etc.) can also be edited, but they won't display right (they will appear with the towns' graphic set).

     GoonEdit 1.5 -- (27180 bytes) -- runs in MS-DOS
    Another editor for a game I have never played. This one edits levels for Goonies 2.

     GunEdit 1.0 -- (25811 bytes) -- runs in MS-DOS
    Once again, it's for a game I didn't play, but well, I still put the editor here, it might be a good one. This one edits levels for Gun Smoke.

     KidEdit 1.0 -- (11213 bytes) -- runs in MS-DOS
    This one edit levels for Kid Icarus. I didn't try this one either ...

     Mario Improvement 0.41 -- (62605 bytes) -- runs in MS-DOS
    This program edits levels for Super Mario Bros. It's not as good as YY Mario Editor, but it's a little easier to use. It doesn't edit enemy data, and some objects are not implemented. Use this editor if YY Mario Editor is too complicated for you!

     Mario Improvement 3 0.50 -- (62605 bytes) -- runs in MS-DOS
    Ah, this one ... that's what I'm using to make the levels for Strange Mario Bros 3! This is a very good editor, and you might be surprised at what it can change to the Super Mario Bros 3 levels! There's still things you can't really edit, such as where the doors and pipes lead, and where the levels are located on the world maps, but play my SMB3 hack and look at how the levels are different from the original, and you'll understand that you can do many things with this fun editor!

     Rygar Improvement 1.01 -- (895712 bytes) -- runs in MS-DOS
    I didn't play Rygar, so I have never tried the editor. But nothing prevents you from trying it!

     WCEdit 1.0 -- (11209 bytes) -- runs in MS-DOS
    Tired of being limited to 4 custom levels that you can't even save (in Wrecking Crew)? Well, now you can change the 100 stages permanently!

     Zelda Improvement 0.01 -- (57582 bytes) -- runs in MS-DOS
    This one edits the overworld in Zelda 1. I didn't use it much, but it seems to be a good editor.

     Zelda 2 Overworld Editor 0.8 -- (59985 bytes) -- runs in MS-DOS
    With this, you can change the overworld in Zelda 2. I've heard that a new version is being worked on, in which you will be able to edit the side-scrolling parts of the game (towns, caves, palaces, etc.).


     NES Color tileset -- (1677 bytes)
    This is a tileset for ROM Edit. It views HEX values from 00 to 3F as the corresponding NES colors, it should help finding color palettes in NES ROMs.

More stuff to come later.

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