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Here, you'll find some good NES and SNES emulators. Don't ask where to find ROMs to play on them, of course. (for more emulators, check at Zophar's Domain)
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Version 0.302
750k FanWen Yang A NES emulator for DOS, it has great compatibily and good emulation quality. It has FDS (Famicom Disk System) support, and has a RAM editor (and cheat searcher). It doesn't quite run at full speed (with no frameskip) on my old Pentium-MMX 200 MHz, but it should run great on newer computers.
03-23-01 unofficial release (beta 3)
167.8k Darren Ranalli (original Nester), Toshiya Takeda A great NES emulator for Windows, its sound emulation seems very accurate (maybe the best I've seen so far). It also supports FDS ROMs. The emulator is a bit slow though, it might require at least 300 MHz to run at a full 60 fps.
0.61 Beta 1
633.3k TNSe Another good NES emulator for Windows, it has a good GUI and quite a few features, its speed seems close to FWNes's. It supports FDS ROMs as well.
Version x.xx
191.2k Bloodlust Software One of the first good NES emulators for DOS, it's still good and popular. It features a great GUI with many good features (some of which are useful for ROM hacking), it's also very fast (it should run at a full 60 fps on a 66 or 75 MHz computer). Its emulation quality isn't quite the best now, but still quite good, especially for the time it was released.
Version 1.337 DOS
465.8k zsKnight, _Demo_ and Pharos The most popular SNES emulator, also probably the best. It has a good GUI, great compatibility, great emulation as well, and runs fast (some games ran at a full 60 fps on my old Pentium 200 MHz, the slower games (mostly those using special chips) still run well above 60 fps on my Pentium III 800 MHz). It has limited netplay support, and a cheat searcher.
Version 1.337 (r1.06) Windows
449.7k zsKnight, _Demo_ and Pharos Pretty much the same as the DOS version, except (obviously) it runs in Windows. It has a few more features, allowing higher screen resolutions and netplay over the Internet. It emulates as fast as the DOS version, but seems to be a bit slower on the image display, as I get lower framerates with a fixed 0 frameskip.
Version 1.39 Windows
746k Gary Henderson Another good SNES emulator. It's slower than ZSNES, but still has several good features, including netplay support and a cheat searcher.
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