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Here, you'll find some misc. (non game-specific) ROM hacking utilities ... those programs that have pretty much a general use in ROM hacking. (for some more of those, look at the Translation Utils page at Zophar's Domain)
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Version 1.2
18.6k The MCA / Elite The ultimate IPS patching utility (or at least that's what I use). Don't be fooled by the name "SnesTool", it can create and apply IPS patches on any type of ROM, in fact even any type of file. It's fast and easy enough to use. (runs in DOS)
Version 0.44b
11.3k Kent Hansen A good hex editor (I use that one), it has a relative searcher, supports table files (and DTE, Dual Text Encoding), and should be pretty easy to use. (runs in DOS)
Tile Layer
Version 0.50b
16.7k Kent Hansen A great ROM graphic editor (for DOS), it can view and edit graphics in NES, SNES, GameBoy, Sega Master System, VirtualBoy and 1BPP (1-bit) formats. It features an useful clipboard, an editable palette, and some more stuff. It can open 2 ROMs, making graphic transfers between 2 ROMs a lot easier.
Tile Layer Pro
Version 1.0
239.5k Kent Hansen Much more than just a Windows port of Tile Layer, it also has many added features. It supports NeoGeo, Sega Genesis and 3-bit SNES formats as well as all those supported by the DOS version. It can also open multiple ROMs, has a lot more definable palettes, you can resize the windows or zoom in/out, and a lot more. Definitely worth trying out if you want to hack graphics in ROMs!
Version 1.6c
375.1k Brian Bennewitz Another hex editor, this one runs in Windows and has more features than Hexposure. It also has support for table files and can read the same .tbl files that worked in Hexposure.
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