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Here, you'll find some level editors, or other game editing programs.
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Lunar Magic
Version 1.41
360.9k FuSoYa A very good editor for Super Mario World. It features powerful level editing (you can totally change the levels, make them a lot bigger by adding things, or even add custom blocks and various other things) as well as overworld editing. It reads the graphics and palettes from the ROM, it can extract the compressed graphics so you can edit them (and import them back), and lets you change several other things in the game, with the ASM hacks it can do.
Version 1.0
437.5k Disch A complete all-around editor for Final Fantasy 1, featuring overworld (and map) editing but also editing of various other things in the game, like weapons, shops, magic, text, characters (classes), enemies, and battle setups. Included in the .zip are FFBytes, giving various information on game data, how and where it's stored, etc., on which the editor was based.
Mario Improvement 3
Version 0.95
440.5k LincolnSoft A level editor for Super Mario Bros 3, running in DOS. It has overworld editing, level editing, and support for SMB3 in Mario All-Stars. My SMB3 Level Discombobulator runs in Windows, has better overworld editing, better level viewing, and some more features, but less complete level editing and no support for Mario All-Stars, so having both editors is useful if you want to hack SMB3.
YY-Mario Editor
Version 2.55e
58.6k Yy This one is for Super Mario Bros and is also pretty good, although there's another new one (SMB Utility) that seems to be better (but is in Japanese) ... quite worth a try, that's what I used to make Strange Mario Bros.
Bubble Bobble Level Editor
Version 0.6ß
17.3k Blades Well, quite obviously, this one, made with Visual Basic 6, edits the rooms in Bubble Bobble on the NES. It doesn't have enemy support, but it can edit all 112 rooms, and (optionally) shows some symbols on the tiles to make it easier to differenciate them.
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