The new strange Mario Bros!

Last update: November 13, 1999.
Here's some screenshots from my modified version, to let you see a preview of these new Mario levels that are particular ...
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Game title screen. New start of first level.
Entered in a pipe in 1-1. Odd place ...
Entrance to a underground level. An enemy that used to live in water!
This place, again?! Mario has gone through some bricks!
A Warp Zone, and a level end! Now, what's an axe doing here?
New appearance of a castle. A castle, in a castle?!
Bowser killed with a star. Ok. What has happened here?
Again a strange place. But where are these clouds now?
In water, but at night! Level end, in water.
No, Bowser isn't here ... Here's a diffucult one!
There's many cannons here! Falling after taking the axe ...
4 hammer brothers! There's so many 1UPs in the game!
Hammer brothers ... again! Once again, but with no star this time!
The 2 Toad statues ... Yet another odd end!
Looks like it's a dead-end ... Hey, what could that be?!
Another hard level with many cannons. Double entrance to a pipe.
Again ... Bowser is out of his home ...
A little maze ... Well, what is that ...
Toad on a moving platform ... The path is narrow!
Same as 1-3, but with flying fish. Same as 2-4, but yet more difficult!
Beware, don't fall! Big holes to pass through.
Well ... it's 6-1, heheh ... A pipe maze.
Flying fish, in water! More big holes to pass through.
Do not fall off the moving platform ... Hmm, and what do I do, here?
Same as 1-4, but with flying fish. It's all for now!