Super Mario Bros.

Now here's some challenges. Several things that can be difficult to do.
Are you able to get to world 1-D?

Let's start with this one, it's not too difficult. You must get to that level: the 1-D. Yes it's possible!
Can you go through all level 2-4 without being hit?

Really difficult ... you must go through all this level and without dying ... and the shortcuts are not allowed!

And here's a harder variant: the same thing, but for level 5-4!!
Can you get to world -4?

It's like the first challenge, but it's also different! This time, you must get to world -4!
Can you go through level 3-3 without killing a hammer brother with fire balls and without being hit once?

You must go through level 3-3 without being hit by a hammer brother and without killing any of them with fire balls!
Can you go through level 6-2 without entering a pipe?

Usually, we go through level 6-2 by going through several pipes. However, there is a more difficult path that enables you to go through 6-2 without entering pipes.
More to come!

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