Super Mario Bros.

Ok. Why a FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)? To avoid being asked incredibly stupid questions. So here are the general questions and their answers!
What's a patch and how does it work?

Well, it's a ".ips" file. This file doesn't contain the game, but instead, the changes to make to the game. For example, the one contained in this site changes any normal copy of SMB1 (Super Mario Bros 1) to a copy with my own changed levels. All you have to do to install my version of SMB1, is this:
  1. Download the file "" contained in this site;
  2. Open the file "" and extract the file "Thenewstrangemariobros.ips" that's in it;
  3. Open a ips-patching program (SnesTool, IPS, etc.)
  4. Apply the patch on a copy (original by preference) of SMB1
  5. Play!
If it doesn't work, maybe you didn't do all of this correctly or else your SMB1 copy isn't compatible with the patch (go get another version of the SMB1 rom)
What must I do to play Super Mario Bros 1 on a computer?

Simple: you need a Nintendo emulator (Nesticle x.xx is in my opinion the best), you open it with the rom of Super Mario Bros 1, that's all!
What's that damn ROM of which you keep telling me?!

Argh, what a stupid question! Ok well, it's all the game's contents (all data), copied in the computer as a file (for example, the SMB1 ROM contains all the data contained in the SMB1 game cartridge, but in a format readable for the computer (impossible to insert a game cartridge in the computer!)).
It's all good, but if I don't have the rom, what should I do?

Well, you GO TAKE IT!! It's at many sites on the Internet, so search with a search engine and you will find it!
Yes but you can't just give me an address?

Yes: click here and you will find! No, seriously, I can't give you a site address, not that I don't want, but because it's not a rom site here!
So send me the rom, then!

No, find it yourself, it will be much simpler! And stop bothering me with the ROM, it's not the site's subject!
When will you finish changing the game levels?

When it will be done! Hmm, no, there's no date for it, but I will try to work on it at least once per week.
I have something to send, can I send it?

If it has something to do with the site, yes! Game screenshots, some recommendations, etc. ".NSM" files (with Nesticle), anything that can interest me! My e-mail address is shown on the principal page.
I have a question to ask but I can't find the answer anywhere!

Well just ask me, in condition that it's related to this site!
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