Super Mario Bros.

Information about my Super Mario Bros levels.
Here's a brief description of each level. First, a brief preview of the level difficulties (easy to hard), and then a description of the levels.
Difficulty level
1-1 ||||||||||||||||
1-2 ||||||||||||||||
1-3 ||||||||||||||||
1-4 ||||||||||||||||
2-1 ||||||||||||||||
2-2 ||||||||||||||||
2-3 ||||||||||||||||
2-4 ||||||||||||||||
3-1 ||||||||||||||||
3-2 ||||||||||||||||
3-3 ||||||||||||||||
3-4 ||||||||||||||||
4-1 ||||||||||||||||
4-2 ||||||||||||||||
4-3 ||||||||||||||||
4-4 ||||||||||||||||
1-1:Very easy level, there's 2 ends, and we can jump above the first.
1-2:Underground level (with a blue sky), easy, there's a warp zone at the end and a level end just after the warp zone. Beware not to fall in some holes.
1-3:Easy level, there's an axe that leads to level 2-1.
1-4:Mid-easy level, there are cannon bullets and there's stars that help to go through the level. It's possible to go through it by the top and then get to a level end that leads to level 1-5 (same as 2-1).
2-1:Mid-easy level, beware not to fall in the holes. There are some pipes that lead to odd places (nowhere in fact).
2-2:Water level, with a black background (hehe), there's a shortcut and a level end in water, it's written "TILOU!" at the middle of the level and there's also some [?] that unfortunately we can't hit.
2-3:Medium level, there are cannon bullets and Bowser fires (but no Bowser), the sky is black. Once again, don't fall in holes.
2-4:Difficult level, it's like a cannon battlefield, everywhere through the level, be very careful not to fall in one of many holes. I think I've made this one too difficult (hehe). But fortunately, there's a shortcut that leads near the end, and of course another level end that leads to 2-5, or 1-9, known mostly as level 3-1.
3-1:Medium level, a little like 2-1, holes and platforms, pipes that lead to a hole, and a place where there are 4 hammer brothers.
3-2:Mid-easy level, take stars to run through hammer brothers as fast as possible before the star finish.
3-3:Mid-easy level, hammer brothers again, but no star this time. Defeat them with fire balls, or else it could be very difficult.
3-4:Medium level, this one's a little funny, there are 2 "Toad statues" ... 2 Toads standing on a block surrounded by lava. Then again, there's a level end that we take by taking a shortcut, and it leads to 3-5, 2-9 or 1-D, that's level 4-1.
4-1:Medium level, all gray, go through by jumping on platforms without falling in holes. Beware, don't take the wrong path, it can lead to a dead-end (in a hole).
4-2:Mid-hard level, there's many cannons, you must go on moving platforms to go through big holes. Don't lose the right path.
4-3:Medium level, there are Bowsers at several places ...
4-4:Mid-hard level, there are walls, and, once again, don't go in the wrong path.
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